Hernando Urrutia

(Portugal | Colômbia - Colombia | Venezuela | Espanha - Spain)

HERNANDO URRUTIA - (1964) Multidisciplinary Artist, Researcher, Designer, of Basque roots (Spain) and of Colombian, Venezuelan and Portuguese nationality. Ph.D in Digital Media-Art at the Department of Science and Technology - University "do Algarve"/ University "Aberta", Collaborating Researcher at CIAC (Centre for Research in Arts and Communication), Researcher invited by M-ITI (Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute).

More than 90 postgraduate trainings and 2 artistic residencies. He has given 23 lectures and several training workshops. He has received 182 awards and 8 prizes for his artistic work, especially in recent times for his research, video art, gif and digital art. He has been special guest in several Contemporary Art Salons. He has been exhibiting professionally since 1986, participating in several projects and more than 350 group exhibitions and 17 solo exhibitions in 33 countries. He is represented in more than 167 important Public Collections in different Institutions, Foundations, Museums and Galleries and in more than 180 Private Collections in countries such as Germany, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Aruba, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Cuba, Scotland, Spain, United States of America, France, Holland, England, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay, Venezuela, among others. His current artistic work covers several areas, with emphasis on video art, gif, video installation, digital art, installation, sound art and new narratives of electronic sound, in the context of technology and contemporary art.


TRANSGRESSION - A Post-Human Vision  










Visual Production 
(Photography, Video, Image Processing, Animation and Editing.): Hernando Urrutia

Sound Production
(Sampler, Voices and Creation of Sounds, Musical Composition, Production and Editing.): Hernando Urrutia 


It is the posthuman vision of transgression. Where different transgressions are placed in the way we visualise ourselves in environments from the digital field, as future conditions of the human being and its connection with interfaces. Allowing a look from the transgression of the frontiers between man/machine, time/space and life/death, with new ways of creating communication codes by forging new visualisations of the environment, as an artificial and virtual landscape. It is the accompaniment of each individual, which evidently leads to the process of identification and control of each being, which can become a means of censorship in the future, losing the autonomy and freedom of each individual.

Transgression of the field of laboratory creations, which endanger the lives of human beings, such as biological weapons that end up being just as lethal as physical weapons, such as bombs that end up killing without distinction, throwing death everywhere.

Transgression of beings created from biological and cybernetic experiments, such as computerised prostheses, where it is postulated that the biologically manipulated human body is altered to face the future "Underground" world, as a post-evolutionary strategy.


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